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Life's a Beach

My most recent beach visit was more social than spiritual.  It was a great time with my friend Cheryl, who is more like a sane older sister, than a friend off the street.  She gives a lot of good life advice that I never listen to, until it’s too late or I’m about to repeat the same offense for the 2nd or 3rd time.  What can I say?  I’m stubborn.  We visited one of Milford, Connecticut’s beaches.  I won’t lie, it wasn’t beautiful, but it was still enjoyable and serene.  We found a very peaceful spot between a family of 4 including a screaming toddler, family of 3 and a couple. 

The beach was annoyingly packed because sunny days are rare here in CT.  We managed to squeeze in a photo shoot of each other before we attempted to relax.  Vanity is real-lol!  Anyway, the waves rushed along the shore as we popped open a bottle of Brut.  Everyone in earshot looked in our direction.  We’re just a couple of classy chicks with a watermelon umbrella and bronzing sunscreen; I’m sure those of you who know me, expect nothing less.  Once we popped our bottle of champagne “I like the sound of that!” was shouted.  We snickered, clinked our picnic basket glasses together, toasted to life as we know it and continued people watching.

Let me point out, there’s a thin line between creep and spectator when it comes to people watching.  We won’t get into where we lie on that line—haha. As people let their bodies move with the crashing waves to keep their balance, it reminded me of life.  Many times, obstacles come our way and we tend to naturally adjust ourselves to keep balanced, much like the people in the water.  A little cliché, but you get the point.  A few of the beachgoers lost focus while having fun and the waves overtook them.  They got right back up, full of laughter, as if the fall didn’t faze them.  We should dust ourselves off more because at times we let setbacks get us down and keep us there.  I’m a total culprit of doing that and let me tell you, it’s gotten me nowhere.  It has only wasted my time.  Life is full of several moving pieces, but balance is key.  It’s easy to allow outside distractions impede our progress toward our accomplishments.

Instead of allowing waves to deter us—we should use those obstructions as energy sources to move forward better and beyond.  Taking negatives and transforming them into positives will wildly transform your outlook on living.  Focusing on the brighter side of matters in life is completely foolproof because optimistic people wait for success and happiness and trust we can overcome any adversity.  Start thinking positively and let’s see journey it takes you on!


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