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Quick Tips for Style Shopping on a Budget

Budget. Yikes!  Not a word I like as part of my vocabulary, but being a self-proclaimed shop-a-holic/fashionista in training [F.I.T.], the word has become part of my regular jargon.  Trial and error with figuring out what is best for my body type was becoming expensive.  I HAD to put myself on a fashion/style budget. Shopping smarter is the way.  Everyone is always looking for the next best deal!  Now don’t think being on a budget means running to the cashier price checking each item.  Absolutely not.  We dare not!  There are much better ways to shop fashion on a budget.

Sale Shopping. Choose places that have weekly sales like H&M.  They always have some sort of sale or clearance section, which seemingly updates each week.  I would know because I’m there every week!  This is a great way to snag some good deals, shop off season, and stock up to prepare for next year.  Styles come and go, but rarely change considerably from year to year.  If you listen really well to the shopping music [like I do] in the store, you’ll hear things like “download our app for xx% off your purchase today” in between songs.  Sidebar about Britt: I love shopping music; so much so, we play it in my office at work.  Let me say my productivity skyrockets when I’m listening to the sounds of deep summer house/chill music while pretending to hear the credit card machine “ding” following the insertion of my card after dropping an arm full of clothes at the register. Just saying-lol!

Staple Pieces. These are a MUST when budget shopping.  They never go out of style and are usually the least expensive full-priced clothing item in the store.  Many times these articles are 2 for $10 or less. Snag a few solid color tees and casual dresses like the one pictured above.  You can pair them with anything such as leggings, a jean jacket, sandals or sneakers, and a cute crossbody bag.  I always buy a staple piece whenever I shop. You can never go wrong.  I’m all about comfort chic as you can see.

Coupon Apps Are Your Friend!  My coupon apps have saved me numerous dollars over the years.  I use Shopular or RetailMeNot, both very good apps.  You can tailor them to your most frequented stores and set up your notifications for new in-store or online deals.  These apps are great for all types of stores.  I use them for clothing, arts & crafts stores, and even furniture stores like Pier1.

Need It. Gotta Have It. Countless times I’m going back and forth with do I need it or I gotta have it.  To me these are one in the same because if I need it, I certainly gotta have it and that’s the way you should shop too.  I almost always need it, so I definitely gotta have it.  Had to repeat myself for emphasis!  Make sure you’re not picking up useless items because they’re on sale.  Have a purpose or plan for the articles you’re grabbing during your shopping trip.  Ask yourself those two things and that will determine what to do with some of the items you’ve picked out before cashing out.

Hope you enjoyed these quick tips!

        Luv Britt   

Shop this look:
{Grey dress & black crossbody bag: H&M | Sandals: Target }