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3 Tips for Creating the Best Dinner Date at Home

Dinner at home for two is not only romantic, but thoughtful. It gives you a chance to talk to one another, relax, or even gaze into each other’s eyes like a sappy scene from The Notebook-minus the rain in my case.  It can also bring friends together for a night in.  How often can you say you spend quality time with your person or close friends? Think about it. Probably not often. Sometimes, it’s nice to take some time to plan a nice evening in for two or have limited friends over.  Here are a few tips on how to make the evening a success.

1.       Location and ambiance are everything!  Your dinner can be indoors and formal, outdoors and informal or Japanese style, which I happen to love because it is a very intimate setting. Anything is possible regarding location, but the atmosphere makes the location.  Grab a few candles to set the lighting just right.  This particular evening we had string lights surrounding the parameter of the deck, twinkling like little fireflies.  We also strategically placed tiki lights at each corner along with citronella candles on the table.  Major bug and mosquito prevention.  These days’ citronella candles can be extremely decorative, which is great if you have a specific d├ęcor you wish to follow. Mood lighting always sets the tone for the evening and with a setup similar, to fit your location, tuh—you create your own evening ending with that!

Courtesy: the little epicuriean

 2.       Cuisine and layout.  Your food selection and how many courses you choose are entirely up to you and the mood of the evening. Here are some ideas for your night.  Start with an assorted cheese board with cured meats and olives. Select a couple of cheeses with different textures and milk to pair with your cured meats.  I suggest sliced sopressata and prosciutto. Include crackers of your choice.  We used rice crackers because of their light airiness and mild taste.  Don’t forget olives to add a hint of salty and sour to your palate.  Voila!  A completed cheese board. If you’re having a bigger night in, try adding a few other touches to your board like a jam, nuts or dried fruit.
Our main course was quite simple—grilled fruit, meat and veggie kebabs for the evening.  They are a great way to make the night informal and fun.
Lastly desert can be something light like an apple crisp with a scoop of coconut milk vanilla ice cream.  The different flavors pair wonderfully to close out your night in.
Use a matching set of serving dishes to bring the whole canvas together—a nice finishing touch.

3.       Drink of the night.  All dinner or social gatherings in the home should feature a drink!  It is an excellent way to keep conversation going.  This evening we combined a nice dry Rose` with seltzer and a frozen raspberry for color and a drop of sweetness.  Frozen fruit is perfect with wine; it gives a dash of coolness without watering down the consistency and taste of the drink.  Drop the frosty raspberry right in, don't be shy.  It floats then makes its way to the bottom creating the perfect decorative.  It was absolutely amazing and refreshing during dinner.  Very light and crisp.  Besides, who doesn't love alcohol infused fruit?  If you don't, you're lying to yourself-LOL.

Try these tips and let me know how your sultry evening with your significant other or friend's night in turns out!  Use these tips and I'm sure the night will be a success!  Comment with suggestions of your own.  I would love to have an excuse to entertain!

C'est la vie!


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