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How to Make the Holidays Special

The holidays have come just about as fast as a celibate man this year.  It's okay to laugh at that...  Listen. All I'm saying, is the year flew by and before we know it, we’ll be kissing the floor passed out on New Year's.  Okay. I'll speak for myself on that one.  But after talking to several friends, most aren’t done shopping, let alone in the holiday spirit.  This is the time of year to create moments and traditions, so, here’s a few tips on how to make the holidays special, especially if you’re single. 

Quick Tips for Style Shopping on a Budget

Budget. Yikes!  Not a word I like as part of my vocabulary, but being a self-proclaimed shop-a-holic/fashionista in training [F.I.T.], the word has become part of my regular jargon.  Trial and error with figuring out what is best for my body type was becoming expensive.  I HAD to put myself on a fashion/style budget. Shopping smarter is the way.  Everyone is always looking for the next best deal!  Now don’t think being on a budget means running to the cashier price checking each item.  Absolutely not.  We dare not!  There are much better ways to shop fashion on a budget.

3 Tips for Creating the Best Dinner Date at Home

Dinner at home for two is not only romantic, but thoughtful. It gives you a chance to talk to one another, relax, or even gaze into each other’s eyes like a sappy scene from The Notebook-minus the rain in my case.  It can also bring friends together for a night in.  How often can you say you spend quality time with your person or close friends? Think about it. Probably not often. Sometimes, it’s nice to take some time to plan a nice evening in for two or have limited friends over.  Here are a few tips on how to make the evening a success.

Citrus Summer Salad

There’s nothing like a refreshing summer salad to get you through your day.  This salad is great for lunch, dinner, a picnic, barbecue…anything!  It is very versatile.  I was never a cucumber fan, but one of my old friends put me on to them one day and now I can’t get enough of them.  Cucumber and tomato are a couple of the main ingredients in this revitalizing salad.  It is very filling and helpful with weight loss goals as well.  Try it and let me know what you think!

Trust the Process

Welcome to the Journey

On my first day back to the gym in over 6-months, I desperately gasped for air on the stairmaster in the basement of the YMCA.  Looking for air ventilation and thinking, I need an oxygen mask before I pass out.  Not my finest moment, but definitely eye-opening as to how out of shape I had become over the past few months.  Clearly cheat day became cheat months, but what’s great about life is you can make a change for the better instantaneously!  So that’s what I did!