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How to Make the Holidays Special

The holidays have come just about as fast as a celibate man this year.  It's okay to laugh at that...  Listen. All I'm saying, is the year flew by and before we know it, we’ll be kissing the floor passed out on New Year's.  Okay. I'll speak for myself on that one.  But after talking to several friends, most aren’t done shopping, let alone in the holiday spirit.  This is the time of year to create moments and traditions, so, here’s a few tips on how to make the holidays special, especially if you’re single. 

1.        Decorate.  To be very honest, I was not "in the spirit” until I decorated my home.  There is something about glitter and lights that makes everything alright.  Pick a theme and run with it.  I love snowmen, so I have those and itty, bitty twinkle lights all over.  Get festive pillows and throws to bring the theme together.  It is also nice to put decorative items in frequented locations in the house to soak up the holiday vibe. 

2.       Find a Great Mug.  Mugs have an extraordinary way of holding more than hot cocoa topped with marshmallows, but memories as well. The holidays is a great time to be in search of a special mug to start establishing memories of your own over time.  Create different holiday drinks you can make to get use out of your mug like 12 days of Christmas Cocktails [mock-tails if you don’t drink].  Drink responsibly-haha.

 3.       Make a Christmas Songs Playlist.  I love this idea because music cures the soul!  There’s nothing like listening to Nat King Cole's "The Christmas Song", having a cup of festive eggnog and by festive I mean spiked (LOL) with candles lit around the room.  You've got yourself a whole MOOD! Pick a few songs that will make you shake your booty while you're baking cookies or online shopping in my case. 

4.       Cozy Up with a Holiday Blanket and Pajamas.  Put a pair of pajamas on Christmas Eve and get a nice comfortable blanket to snuggle under, while watching classic Christmas movies.  My personal favorite is National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation-never gets old.  Make sure you shop for those jammies early because all the cute pj sets are sold out in most locations.  Must be a popular idea.  Take a few selfies dressed all comfy-I would [shoulder shrug] and have a relaxing evening!

 5.       Create a Favorite Christmas Movie List.  Netflix has a nice selection of holiday movies.  Save them to your “My List” making a Christmas Eve lineup and don’t forget the popcorn!  If you know me, you know I LOVE popcorn with a glass of wine of course! This is a wonderful way to bring in the holiday and keep yourself entertained until family festivities begin the next day. 

These are just a few ideas you can do on your own, with your dog, family or friends.  Use one of these tips to create a new tradition!  I hope it brings you a little happiness and joy.  Happy Holidays!

       Luv Britt

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