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Just Dip Your Toe In

After a series of unsuccessful relationships that have sent me spinning out of control like one of those awful, cheap carnival rides; spiraling into some of the most depressive states of mind was when I finally realized that I needed to make some radical life changes. I'm not talking about changing my hair color or going on a massive cleanse.  I'm not even talking about getting tattoos in order to commemorate the loss of a relationship.  All of which I've done by the way. Thankfully, the tattoo artist stopped me from writing Loser in a certain spot. But rather, I'm talking about something soul altering, even life changing. Something revolutionary.

You know what? Let me backup a minute and introduce myself. I'm Britt—certainly not Harriet Tubman, although that would have been legendary. A born extrovert with a learned introverted social life, a lover of God and most of all... a lady (as my grandmother would say. More about that later).  A business owner, tea snob, and eternal dieter, always jumping on the most crazed diet out. Which is stopping today along with carbs and GMO. Just a girl gaining inner peace and finding her way in this big world we call life.

Enough about me, what was I saying? Oh yes, something revolutionary. It was time for me to live. Enjoy life. Be in the present. Beat depression and anxiety with God’s help and through things I enjoy such as, Beaches, a serene place for meditation where my two worlds can peacefully collide—my spiritual and physical self. Brunch because what lady doesn't enjoy a great social scene, good food, mimosas or tea? And of course, Bozos also known as clowns and commonly referred to as men in my head and throughout this journey until proven otherwise. C’mon, we’ve all been there, making bad choices when all the red flags are screaming RUN like your Phys Ed teacher during a track meet, but we choose to ignore them. I know I've dated my fair share.

This is about finding a happy place within oneself, building deeper mental strength, and learning from mistakes. So I thought, why not invite you along to live in my journey with me! Traveling beaches, indulging in brunches and talking about clowns. Hoping to inspire another young woman to live in her purpose because that's what life's all about.



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