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More Life. More Everything.

Vero Beach, FL
Photo Cred: Lindsey Wuest

While snapping photos of waves crashing into my friend, her arms up, as if she were on a roller-coaster, both of us laughing hysterically like school girls on a playground—“more life” flooded into my mind. It got me thinking to not just experience more life, but to experience more everything. The combination of warm water and the cool breeze made it a perfectly refreshing experience. It was a great day for a dip and good conversation.  Anyway, how do I live and experience more everything? Where do I begin? Let's figure that out over the next few paragraphs.

People say, “happiness is an inside job”, but don't truly understand its meaning. Only recently has that become crystal clear to me. For me, not feeling right inside was deterring my happiness. Life became a meaningless routine. I had to get to a place where I ruled my mind and my mind didn't rule me—consciously AND subconsciously. I would find myself constantly anxious, worried, and/or depressed over the smallest things that I couldn't change, such as “should I text him back in 5 minutes or 5 hours?” Or continually thinking about what others think of me. In which let's be honest, their opinion of me is none of my business—that's my current mindset. But yes, just obsessive.  That was me.  Not perfect, still a work in progress; however, I'm finding there’s unimaginable strength and power in taking control of your mind.

Forever lost in a mental maze. It was time to change my way of thinking. Take control. Each day started the night before with clearing my mind through meditation. Let me tell you, meditation was the hardest thing for me because I can never slow my brain down and why on earth would I want to spend this much time with myself? I don't even know if I like me! LoL. Meditation was too real of a place because it made me face and forgive some arduous truths about myself, but I needed to do it.  So, I light the room up with candles like a Christmas tree, turn on my most soothing music and spend some time with me. Yes, this is a routine, but the difference is, this is a routine with purpose. My habitual activities, now have a goal attached to them.

My mornings consist of daily affirmations, reading a few of my sticky notes on the mirror full of positive quotes, listening and/or watching positive things. I'm sure you're wondering how the heck do I get to work on time? It's easy. I don't. Another work in progress. Forever evolving.  Anyhow, doing these things have really made me slow down and take a closer look at life. To live in it and not let it pass me by...

Everything along my journey has been a clue. The people I've met, and my experiences have transformed to insight into who I am. I've just been ignoring the clues.  Just take a moment and think about life's clues!  Upon realization, I became limitless.  Once I stepped into acceptance of the truth of me, I instantly starting living more. It was like a light switch turned on. My diet changed. My outlook got more positive. I drank more water; I was also in the bathroom more. Guess that comes with the territory. Hah. I became more active. I found things I enjoy doing like volunteering more with children. My life did a 360 and boy have so many blessings come from my changed mindset.  When the physics of the quest has been conquered, I experienced life more abundantly. The takeaway? Become comfortable in your skin and living more life will come automatically.

In the end, smile a lot. It'll warm your heart. Give hugs often. They help break down barriers. And find peace in all that you do because that'll bring you joy.